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Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Our 2017 Champions


                                         Tour CO-Champions                     Match Play Champ            Rookie of the Year        President's Champ            2-Man Scramble Champs
                         Noel Richard / Matt Renaud                    Alex Hanna                 Trevor Rochon            Noel Richard
        Noel Richard and Kevin Baldelli

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What Our Members are Saying...

"There are so many great reasons for golfing. I really enjoy spending a couple of hours away from my everyday life, a time to get away from the demands, the pressures, and daily grind. I enjoy the fresh air, the landscape. And golf as a game, there is nothing quite like the challenge it provides. Analyzing a hole, picking the right club, making a good swing. There are few things as sweet as making a perfect swing and knowing the ball is going where you wanted it to go. The game is great because where else can you just relax, enjoy the outdoors, and whack a ball around. Of course, there is tournament golf. It adds an extra dimension to the game. The pressure and challenges tournamnet golf offers makes it so much different from a everyday round. I really enjoy the challlenge that comes with tournment golf. I like challenging myself, seeing how and if I can meet the challenges. Can I play a round to my handicap or better? How well do I score against the field? Maybe win a little something? And match play – now we are talking some serious fun. The adrenaline pumping and the pressure to perform one shot, one chip, or one putt is just fun. And having a partner in match play, relying on me to help, adds a little something extra to the mix. Not that I always rise to the challenge – hey I can choke like the best of them – but it’s great to hit the shot you need to when you need to. Finally, and arguably most important is who I spend those hours on the golf course with. What makes a round truly enjoyable, regardless how I play, is who I joins me for the golfing adventure. How often do I get to spend four hours or so with three friends to talk, to joke, and to share the good and the bad of whatever the round has in store for all of us. It is even better when I am part of a group, mixing and matching with anyone from the group and having a drink to celebrate the round at the 19th hole. Now that makes the round more than just a round! And this is exactly what the National Capital Golf Tour provides me. It is the opportunity, to get together with gang of golfers, who like the challenges of golf and tournaments, golfers willing to share the good, the bad, and the ugly with each other, developping friendships and having a good time along the way. That is why I joined the National Capital Golf Tour and why I keep coming back. Memories are made each time I tee it up because I teed it up with many friends and the day is not just any day. IT IS AN EVENT!"

- Guy Bourgon

2017 TOP TEN


The National Capital Golf Tour  which was founded in 2002, is a public golf tour in the Greater Ottawa Area. With the average golfer (male and female - young and old) in mind, we have created a place where all skill levels can compete against each other and challenge themselves in a season long race to the top. As we get set for our 16th Season, we will continue to be a fun and competitive golf tour, adding an element of spice to the weekend rounds of the everyday player. Our main goals are, and always have been to provide an incentive for competitors to play their best, have a great time while meeting new friends, as well as give those of you who enjoy a little wager on their game a chance to compete in tournament settings.

  • Handicapped "Cleaners" at all events
  • Closest to the pin on EVERY par 3 played
  • "Top Three" prizes at every event
  • "Low Gross" prize at every event
  • Putting contest at every event
  • Annual 36 Hole Ryder Cup Event
  • Season Long Stableford Points Leaderboard
  • Season Long Match Play Tournament
  • Annual "NCGT Road Trip"
  • End -of-Year Trophies and Prizes
  • Un-Official October 2-Man Scramble


Season Ending 2-man event - Monday, October 2, 2017

It was a FABULOUS day for our 2man Scramble Event at the Meadows yesterday. Full sunshine and 18 degrees was on tap and nobody would complain.

Congradualtions to Noel Richard and Kevin Baldelli who finished with a  62 (not 59). Well done guys on a close but well earned victory. One shot back at 63 was the team of Luke Miller and Jay Last while James Gauvin and Brett Evans would sit in the final TOP 3 position with a score of 64. Honourable mention to the teams of Matt Kearney / Phil Bertrand and Phil Martin / David Francey who both shot 65’s. All the results and scores are now posted here.

2017 Season Closer - Sunday, September 17, 2017

It's all over but the crying ......................

Congratulations to our 2017 NCGT Tour Co-Champions ….. Matt Renaud and Noel Richard with 259 points each.

Both Matt and Noel are long-time members who are well deserving of a Tour Championship and 2017 becomes the first year with CO-CHAMPIONS in our 16 year history. They would be a single point ahead of Henri Richard with 258 points. Congrats to all of you on a great season. Our newest Rookie of the year is Trevor Rochon with 249 points who outlasted his competition throughout the season, and won by one point over Kevin Baldali with 248 points on the season. Well done guys on an exciting finish. Noel Richard would take home the Presidents’ Challenge Cup with a 9 hole score of 39 which was ONE shot better than Matt Renaud. Congrats Noel! And to round off the trophy presentation we have Alex Hanna winning the Finale of the Match Play event. After being up 4 after 6 holes, and the being 1 up after 13, Alex would finally beat Phil Bertrand on the 16th hole for a 4 & 2 win. Nicely played Alex.  See all the scores and results here

Greensmere Event - Tuesday, September 5, 2017
Matt Renaud would be the champ on this day with 43 points while Trevor Rochon would again go low with a sizzling 72 on a perfect day for scoring. See all the results and scores here.

Small Group takes on Montebello - Monday, August 21, 2017
A small group took on Montebello Golf course yesterday on a perfect sunny day. El Presidente Matt Renaud would be the BIG winner of the day. With Low Gross score of 78 and 2nd place overall and add the 3 cleaners and 2 ctp's it was all his for the taking!! Well done Matt! for the rest of the scores and results click here

Eagle Creek event results - Sunday, August 6, 2017
Eagle Creek is in the books. Seven of 10 events are now complete, get ready for the fun to begin as [players will be shifting spots over the final three events of 2017  See all results and scores here
Renfrew Results now posted - Sunday, July 23, 2017
Old course, old member with old time results takes first place at Renfrew Golf Course on Saturday.
Steve Karam would roll back time and take home 39 points, 1 CTP and 1 cleaner as the event's big winner. Trevor Rochon and Conor Avery would come in with 81's for Low Gross while Justin Phillips would take 2 CTP for his efforts. See all results and scores here.
Kearney gets hot.... - Monday, July 10, 2017
Matt Kearney would be the big winner at eQuinelle event on July 8th. Matt would should 80 and take home 46 points and 4 cleaners for his efforts while Trevor Rochon would again go low with a 72
See all results here 
Match Play Event has begun - Monday, June 19, 2017
The 2017 Edition of the NCGT Match Play tournament has begun with round 1 almost complete
Some matches were played at Talon on the weekend. See who won and will move on to Round 2
All the results are posted here
Father's Day Event at Grey Hawk - Monday, June 19, 2017
So there was no rain to dampen our Annual Father's Day Event at Greyhawk and what a day it was. Trevor Rochon would go low again with a tidy 76 while Ops St.Laurent would take home 45 points with his 5 birdie 79. For all the scores and results click here. 
Renaud takes the first major - Sunday, June 4, 2017
Matt Renaud would double up at Rockland Golf Course for the season's first major event. Matt would not only shoot 79 for Low Gross but would also pick up 42 points for Low net winner as well. Lots of high scores but all in all a great day on the course. See all the results and scores here.
Cloverdale event in the books - Sunday, May 21, 2017
The Terry Firman Memorial Cloverdale Event is now in the books. A lown scoring event for some as Rookie Trevor Rochon would shoot 74 and win low gross while Ed Richard would take the Low net with 41 points  See all the results and scores here.
2017 Season Opener - Monday, May 15, 2017
Finally we have our season Opener in the books
After re-scheduling and changing venues mid stream so to speak, we finally were able to play our first event of 2017. Despite calls for showers all day, we managed to escape with a few drizzle periods  for a great day at Casselview Golf Course. Phil Bertrand would make 40 points to open the scoring as top dog on this Saturday before Mothers' Day. See all the results and scores HERE
Change of locations - Thursday, May 11, 2017
Our first events of the season will be played as follows

Saturday May 13th - CASSELVIEW
Saturday May 20th - CLOVERDALE + burgers

Ottawa Courses Open - Saturday, April 15, 2017
Some of Ottawa Courses are now OPEN. Time to get out and practice before the NCGT Opening Event on May 6th at Cloverdale. See all the updated courses opening info here.
2017 Shedule is out - Thursday, November 10, 2016
2017 Schedule of Events is out
Check out our course selection for next season. Looks like another great list of courses with only one change from 2016. We have added Casselview Golf Course once again to our rotation (replacing Pakenham Highlands). Check out the full schedule here.



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